The history of Hope NH


"When I was twelve years old my father passed away. Even though I had lost an important role model in my life I was fortunate enough to have other supportive adults step in and build relationships with me. I cared about myself and believed what they were telling me. Looking back, those relationships were some of the biggest influences that helped to get me to where I am today." 

- Matt (HOPE NH Founder)


We were born in Manchester. This is the city that we know and the city that we love. It's a city in which we want to see the community succeeding on the world stage. We noticed that people started moving out for other jobs. There were more kids growing up with adverse childhood experiences that needed help. There even came a point when our district became in need of improvement and it didn’t have enough resources to address these needs.

That is when we decided to stand up and make a change.


HOPE NH grew out of this time of necessity. We noticed that there was a disconnect between youth and society. A gap that could only be filled by adults stepping up to offer supportive relationships where students could be encouraged and empowered.

The groundwork for the initiative was laid in 2007 with a state program that worked with middle school students. This program helped us realize that there was a growing disconnect between students transitioning between middle school and high school. This disconnect unfortunately led to foundational breakdowns for many of the students. We witnessed that when their academic confidence failed there was an increase in deviant behavior among the students.

Research shows that when students are mentored using an approach that combines the school system and the community, abhorrent behavior has been shown to decrease. This led us to develop the HOPE program which was born on:

July 16th 2013


Since that time we have helped over 100 students grow in their educational and personal journeys, supporting them mentally, physically, and emotionally. These students know that we are there for them and are ready to stand by them whenever they need help.

Over the years we have encountered a series of challenges, but we always know that no matter what is thrown our way we will continue to persevere as we progress and develop. We continue to move forward because we know that this is something that we have to do! We have been committed to building this program off of respect, trust, and loyalty, and are proud to say that we have never had a student, parent, or teacher problem.

We think that society is changing, kids are changing, and because of that, adults need to change too. We want to get more adults involved in the process of helping young students grow into productive and healthy members of society.

We believe that it takes a village.



Timeline of Hope NH


2007-2011 State Program – Manchester New Hampshire USA

2011-2013 Designated School Volunteer – Manchester School District

2013-2015 Implementation of HOPE PROGRAM in a classroom at Southside Middle School.

2015-2017 Continued building the program and working with the kids we previously served.

2018 - Pilot Program at Manchester West High School January to June.

2018 - Received 30k from Public Funds through the City of Manchester NH.