Our Mission

To identify adolescents in danger of not reaching their full potential and provide them with continuing mentorship in their development and educational journey

Value #1

We at HOPE NH aim to show respect towards students, parents, teachers, and anyone that we interact with. We also look for opportunities to teach our students the importance of showing it to one another.

Value #2

Trust is the cornerstone of every meaningful relationship. It is important that we establish a trusting relationship with our students so that they are willing to let us help guide them in the right direction.

Value #3

To us loyalty isn’t just a word. It’s something that developing young minds desperately need. It is important to us that the children we work with know that we will be there for them when they need us.

Value #4

We desire to build mentoring relationships with our students where they feel comfortable asking questions and discussing their needs.

Value #5

We aim to provide students with as many resources as possible to help fulfill their needs and fuel their educational and personal success.

Value #6

We aspire to provide students with opportunities that will challenge them and help them reach their future career goals.

Dreams for the future

We dream of changing the world by helping more kids each year. We also dream of seeing the HOPE NH program replicated in every district within the USA.